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Counseling can create confidence, clarity, and peace in our everyday lives. We all have pasts that have created views of the world, and we all go through difficult and confusing times–– this is life! But by examining and shifting our views of experiences and circumstances, and by learning to navigate and take care of our bodies and minds, we can heal from past wounds, restore balance, and create a path to abiding happiness and contentment.
  • MA, Counseling Psychology, Regis University, Denver, CO
  • BA, Psychology, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
  • Certified in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
  • Executive Director, The Joshua School (2003-2013)
  • Professor (Adjunct) Naropa University: Transpersonal Counseling Masters Program

What my clients say

Honest, encouraging, validating, and caring...

“Jason is not like any therapist I have worked with. I feel like we are on this path together where I am trying to navigate the contents in my head and he is my compass helping me go in the direction I want to achieve my goals. He is always gently honest, encouraging, reassuring, validating, and above all else, caring. I feel that he genuinely cares about me and wants to help me achieve my goals and get me to where I want to be. I appreciate that our conversations begin and end organically regardless of what the clock says and that he uses examples from his own life to help me process and understand what life is trying to teach me. In less than a year of working with Jason, I have felt a significant change in how I approach/handle these life lessons. I feel more confident in who I am, have a decreased sense of anxiety and anger, and am just a happier, lighter person since Jason has come into my life.”

(Age 39)

Patience, laughter and a new perspective...

"Working with Jason has been nothing short of magical. But seriously, there’s magic in his approach of creating space for all emotions, and somehow a lot of laughter. There’s magic in his ability to remain patient, positive and steadfast, even after hearing the same life problem from a hundred different angles. And there’s magic in the way he views the world and somehow always helps me gain a new perspective on any issue. I always tell him, “Jason, you’re my greatest cheerleader!” And it’s true, he has supported me in loving myself and stepping more fully into my badassery."

(Age 29)

Healing Parent-Child Relationships...

"When my teenaged son and I began meeting with Jason, our relationship was in crisis – a seemingly inescapable and painful cycle of ongoing and intense conflict that left both of us angry, sad, drained and in despair. Jason met us with compassion and understanding right where we were and began to dismantle our destructive patterns with kindness, patience, honesty, and clear insight. Jason helped me to understand my son’s motivations in a way that supported my understanding and compassion, as well as providing insight into my own unhealthy patterns. Jason introduced me to a new way of parenting that honored my son’s needs. The transformation in our lives and our relationship has been remarkable. In just a few months, the conflicts have subsided, we’re communicating more effectively, and our relationship is on a path to robust health. Jason’s compassionate listening, deep wisdom and insights, unconditional support, humor, and relatability has been a powerful healing force in both our lives. We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Jason. "

(Age 52, Age 15)

Experienced, Intuitive approach…

“Jason helped me explore KAP (Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy) after I had tried years of other therapies that simply wouldn’t dent the concrete mental barriers that kept me from living my life. His experience coupled with his intuition and personality has given me exactly what I need to help me get over the hump, so to speak and allow me to look to the future with excitement instead of dread. I will be forever grateful for finding Jason and his willingness to listen and explore the most effective, individualized treatments for me. The combination of his insightful counseling along with the ketamine helped me more than I ever thought possible.”

(Age 48)

Insightful experience...

“I initially began working with Jason several years ago in couples therapy and have continued working with him as I moved out of that relationship. The insights he has helped me gain in that work have been immeasurable- we have dealt with topics ranging from mortality to body image to dating, and truly he has been able to help me to look at myself and life in general in a profoundly healthier and happier way. Just for that I would easily recommend Jason to literally anyone looking for an insightful and excellent therapist, and as a healthcare provider myself I have recommended him to anyone who asks. However, when I think of Jason and what I am most profoundly appreciative of, it is hands down the work he did with my teenage son who at the time was struggling through a deep, 2 year depression and had been very resistant to therapy. I remember so well the first session my son reluctantly agreed to go to, he came home visible changed after just that one day, and after many more profoundly beneficial sessions, my son is now the happy, confident, funny young man I knew he could be if he could crawl out from that depression and anxiety.”

(Age 49)

Healing journey that was comfortable and eye opening…

“Jason crafts an environment that allows for a healing process that journeys comfortably and securely. Navigating relationships and emotions has become remarkably easier; and although trouble may still arise, Jason always has a connection and a piece of advice to elucidate the difficulties. Since I began therapy with Jason, I’ve been able to break through anxiety and work through obstacles I never imagined I could. My favorite thing about counseling with Jason is not only his compassion and understanding, but how often we laugh and joke as well. I always feel better after our sessions and I will forever be grateful for the safe space he provides.”

(Age 17)

Powerful help in navigating relationships…

"Working with Jason in couples therapy has been instrumental in shifting the patterns of our relationship in a way that allows each of us to feel seen, heard, and validated. He helps align our goals for who we want to be as individuals in our relationship while supporting us in our journey as partners."

(Age 50, 53)
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